You Have Emotion

by Mark I Myhre on June 11, 2013


You Have Emotion

You Have Emotion

I doubt there’s anything more misunderstood on this earth than our emotions.

And yet, besides the fact that you are alive, emotions may be the most important aspect of your very existence.

After working intensely with emotions for the last ten years or so, I realize how little I know about them.

When you’re inside the ‘set’ – when you’re inside a human body living the human experience, you can only comprehend emotion to a certain extent. I know I’ll learn about and understand emotions to a much higher degree once I leave here and go home.

Most of what I now know about emotion cannot be put into words. There are no words to describe what I’ve discovered. But that won’t stop me from trying…!

I would define emotion as a fusion of thought and feeling that expands consciousness.

First of all, there’s a flow of energy that’s always moving through us. We could call it ‘pre-thought‘ and ‘pre-feeling‘ energy. But since we also do other things with this energy, perhaps a better name would be ‘life energy‘.

Out of this raw energy we think our thoughts and feel our feelings.

The flow is always on. It’s always moving through us. I would guess it’s keeping us alive and it’s our source of power. It’s our energy source. One function of this energy is to give us raw material out of which we think and feel.

You see? We’re not just pulling emotions out of our butt. There has to be a raw material we use to sculpt and work with to think what we think and feel what we feel.

There’s a living energy – dynamic, alive, infused with consciousness – that we use to create out individual emotions. A living energy. And it’s always flowing through us. That much, I’m sure of. That’s where I focus most of my research.

It’s pure as the wind driven snow. It’s ineffable. It’s indescribably delicious to experience. It’s the reason I’m alive. And it never ends. It’s always flowing.

(Okay, I’m exaggerating to a certain degree. The flow of energy starts out pure, but it is changed by our unconscious and subconscious minds. It is slightly discolored by the time we get our hands on it. Still… it’s pretty awesome.)

Every year, every month, every week, every day, even, I seek to feel this flow a little bit more. It’s become the focus of my life and my main priority. And I want you to feel what I feel.

NOTE: One way to start getting in touch with this energy is to listen to the meditation I’ve recorded on the emotional wellspring, by going here.

 So, how do we get there?

 Because, let’s face it – most people are sick and tired of feeling their emotions.

 Or else they’ve completely shut down and don’t feel much of anything at all. Or else, they mostly feel pain.


There was a time when you were deeply in touch with this flow. Have you ever felt the energy coming off a new born child? They’re physically helpless, but there’s such a raw power there!

But it never seems to last very long. It’s like the taint of the world starts affecting and infecting them from day one. By the age of five or six, when our indoctrination – our programming – our brainwashing, really – is complete, emotions have become little more that manipulative tools to be (hopefully) kept in the tool shed until needed.

We end up using our emotions to get what we want, and we call it ’emotional intelligence’. Emotions become a means to an end. “I want something in the world, and I’ll control and manipulate my emotions to try to get it.”

Basically, I control and manipulate my emotions so I can better control and manipulate the world around me. It’s a flawed plan, destined to turn out badly, but since everyone else seems to be in the same boat, I’ll keep trying.

I never realize it’s part of the taint.

Emotions were never meant to be manipulated and controlled and ‘managed’. No. They’re meant to flow through us.

Our job is to feel anything and everything that comes up. Like an empty tube, almost. Let ’em flow. Let the energy flow free and wild and untamed and unmanaged.

The problem is, from day one we’ve been gunking-up the flow. We take some of the energy, and instead of letting it flow, we use it to dam up the flow. It’s like plaque on arterial walls. Or, mineral deposits on the inside of plumbing pipes. Or, it’s like an engine that never has the oil changed. The oil breaks down and mixes with dirt particles and forms solid deposits inside the engine which greatly reduces the effectiveness and power of that engine.

We take part of the very flow itself, and use it to block the flow from moving freely through us. The blockages, or impendences, or resistances, or dams, or walls, or whatever… take an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. I’m always fascinated to see the blockages people put up to not feel their feelings.

We take the power of emotion, and use it against us. Not because we’re stupid or wrong or unevolved… we do it because we almost had no choice. You don’t block that energy because you’re bored, or because there’s nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon.

We do it because we want to survive. We do it to fit in. We do it because we’re taught and conditioned and cajoled and intimidated. We do it because, in modern society, that’s what polite people do.

So how do we do it?

How We Block Our Emotions

Because the flow of emotion is so determined to flow through us, it took great effort and determination on our part to fight that flow. You don’t block your emotions with a whimsical attitude. You do it with the attitude of “I’m fighting for my life here.”

You do it with an intensity that would probably surprise you now, today. Because to block the flow, you give up your intensity. Your intensity becomes locked up in the blockage.

And let me say right here, that the public displays of ’emotion’ you see in others and perhaps yourself, are not a function of intensity. Ranting and raving and similar activities – that’s melodrama. It’s very good acting, and NOT intensity.

Intensity is deep… and seldom, if ever, loud. People get loud and demonstrative to avoid getting in touch with their intensity… due to a belief that anything is better than going to that intensity inside.

Anyway, it took a huge amount of will and determination to wall off your heart and block yourself from the natural flow of life energy streaming through you. It took a lot of intensity, a lot of imagination, and a lot of desire. It took a survival instinct that had kicked into high gear.

You were fighting back – pushing back – from a huge, scary, unknown world. No matter how loving and wonderful your parents were, there’s just too much taint on this planet at this time. There’s too much ‘domination energy’ in this current age. And, to understate it, if your parents were less than saints, that compounds the problem.

Whenever life got intense, whenever you felt intensity, you tended to mix that intensity with your survival instinct and your choices and decisions and thoughts and feelings to form a shield to protect yourself. The shield was a singular statement, perhaps even a single word. Such as… RUN. Or, HIDE.

Many little shields were formed. They started to grow together. The words became sentences, and the sentences became paragraphs and the paragraphs became stories.

Stories about life – about what life is and what it means. Stories about love, and what it means to give and receive love. Stories about relationships, stories about success, stories about the world. And of course, stories about your emotions.

These original stories were gut-level intense emotions of fear and hurt and anger, that, rather than being felt and released, were instead infused with determinations, explanations and judgments.

    “I am not going to feel hurt.”
    “There’s something wrong with me.”
    “The world is out to get me.”

One little story isn’t going to block the flow of emotional energy. But when you have hundreds of them… thousands, even… each one built upon a core of painful energy… and you’ve been living your life out of these stories since you were maybe one or two years old… then it has quite an impact.

Most people, I dare say, have not felt real emotion since they were little kids. Instead, they feel the gunk, the stories about emotion that they had to create in order to survive in this world.

That’s why emotions have gotten such a bad rap. Even as grown-ups, we honestly believe we can think our way out of feeling. We believe thinking is feeling. We believe our painful and never-ending and never-resolving stories are emotion.

We actually believe true feelings come out of our thoughts. Because we’re feeling our stories about emotions, rather than our emotions themselves.

We believe our feelings are logical and linear and Newtonian… a product of cause and effect:

“You insulted me, therefore I got angry.”

In truth, first we’ve got our repressed anger, then we create someone insulting us. As a way to, hopefully, feel and release that gunky repressed anger.

We get it backwards because we’re not seeing the gunk. Because it’s held in place by an intensity too scary for words. Essentially, it’s like the gunk is held in place by our own survival instincts. And to deal with it risks our very life. Or so it seems.

It’s so much easier to distract ourselves from it. The pain of the gunk is more palatable than the fear of the unknown. But pain left unattended always grows. It’s like being in a room where a fire starts. The fire grows and grows, and the only way out is to defenestrate yourself. Meaning, the only way out is to jump out the window.

If you jump out the window you’ll be free of the fire and free of the pain. The problem is, we don’t know if we’re on the first floor, or the twentieth floor. My job, as an emotional healing coach, is to try to convince you that jumping out of the window is a hundred times better than staying in the room – even if there were no fire in that room.

There are other, wiser, higher parts of your consciousness just waiting for you to jump.

If you jump, you will be free. You will be happier. You will feel so much better. You’ll be alive like you’ve never been alive before.

If you don’t jump, you will slowly roast.

Looked at from a distance, it’s a curiously odd phenomenon. We come into this life to be daring. And yet, it takes such a huge and painful stimulus to get us to move. I know it did for me, anyway.

I’ve jumped through that window. I’ve defenestrated myself. And I’ve never regretted it.

Because once I did, and I looked back, I realized there was never a window there at all. Instead, it was just an open wall, with the illusion there was a ‘dangerous jump’ involved. In reality, there was never any danger. It was all a lie I had convinced myself was true.


Emotions are a part of my consciousness. Why in the world would I not want to feel them as much as I possibly can? How in the world could they possibly hurt me?

The key is to recognize the difference between emotions, and stories about emotions.

Emotions make you more. Stories about emotions keep you small.


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Janice June 12, 2013 at 11:58 pm

Hi Mark,

I am not there yet, however I am on my way. I have remove so many obstacles out of my way. Things that I thought were so important has vanished. I am connecting more with my thoughts and emotions. It is a trick of the flesh, ego, and the enemy that makes us believe and carry all those heavy burdens of the world.

Several months ago I would not had the energy to respond right a-way to your email/blog. I am focusing on bringing my finance align with my thoughts and emotions. You are a great inspiration and supporter.

Thanks for believing in me,



Mark I Myhre June 13, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Hi Janice,

great to hear from you!

I’m glad to hear things are headed in the right direction.


Wayne I. June 14, 2013 at 6:09 pm

I have pursued this elusive thing called ’emotional healing,’ both for personal & professional reasons. One question I have puzzled over is ‘why doesn’t the mind heal in a similar fashion as the body?’ Maybe it does, or maybe I’m in a blind alley.


Mark June 17, 2013 at 1:58 pm

Hey Wayne,

great question!

In my opinion, the mind doesn’t heal because that’s not it’s job.

Now, there can be great value of the mind, when it comes to the emotional healing process… and that is by directing your attention to your heart, which DOES heal the emotional wounds.

From my experience, when the heart is open and you let the emotions (and any energy, really) flow right through, that’s when ‘the magic happens’.

To me, even the physical healing is magical and miraculous. ( I understand, that even as I speak, untold numbers of scientists and technicians are doing all they can to remove the magic and miracles from physical healing!)

Likewise, even though emotional healing can seem like a miracle when you let the flow of energy move through you, there are definable steps involved. We just dont’ yet know what those steps are, because we lack the measuring and observing devices.


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