Feedback For My Newsletters & Emails

by Mark I Myhre

You have been one of my closest friends in the last year and you never even knew it. thank you so much for this awesome gift you have given me and others and know that I really appreciate you.

Alberta, Canada


Dear Mark,
I thank you for your email and am very grateful for the supportive and inspiring emails you send to me periodically.

Helping people in crisis, pain, harsh times emotionally is very satisfying and wonderful work. I am a psychiatric nurse and I know that what I say to my patients can have a profound effect on their thinking processes.

You should be very proud of what you do and know that it helps many thousands of people every day. I save your emails so that I can go back and re-read them when I feel discouraged, etc.

At the end of every day, you know you’ve done a good job helping people and that is what is important, that is what makes your life worth living and a worthy life.

Best regards,

Susan Mark


Hey Mark,
I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.
Your mailings helped me make sense of what I was going through in my mind,
essentially a light in a black hole.

I read every one over and over again, and even shared it with my friend who was also having a hard time…

one tip alone essentially got me through it all. I’m thankful my depression is now
in remission,

my Dr agrees with what you are saying, but your writing should be
available to more people as its put in a great way thats easy to understand,
and it helps alot!!

you gave me the help I needed, in a way I needed to here it.

Jill Arsenault
Hampton, New Brunswick


Hi Mark,
you have helped me tremendously

you explained our emotions and how they work, and my favourite is the well spring.
your articles and your knowledge were of great benefit to me when I quit zoloft, 200 mg a day, cold turkey

Thanks for your articles… write more, they were excellent. I am glad you provided them for free, since I have no money to buy them, and no credit cards either. Thanks a million and all the best to you.





hi Mark
this may sound weird but (your emails) always seem to apply to me , and whatever trials life is presenting me with

keep it up and thank you

love and light



Dear Mark,
I wanted to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in the past. Your first reply to me was very personal and helpful and quite unexpected. It’s rare that you get something that is not auto-generated these days. I actually knew from that point on that I was going to be alright.

At the time I was trying my best to “come off” of Paxil and if that doesn’t send one into a panic/depression I don’t know what does. I seriously felt I was losing my mind then. What I found to be the reality of the situation and with your newsletters as well as your emails was that I was actually regaining control of my mind and my emotions.

No matter what; the good the bad and the very very ugly, I was actually feeling again. All of the articles that you wrote were helpful to me in many ways. I only regret that I did not take the time to tell you so after reading each of them. They really hit home everytime.
All I know is that I felt my emotions “every one” to the EXTREME while coming off. At times I was so afraid that they would consume me completely but rather than go back to numbing and dumbing down with paxil I would read what you had written. I found that by doing this I was able to comprehend what I was thinking and feeling better and knew I was not alone. I knew you were not writing these just for me but time and time again it felt like you were. Almost as if you knew what I was dealing with on any given day. You did really because what you write about is REAL, all of it is real and I realized that which made me feel normal. Now there’s a feeling that’s good to have!

I am totally free and clear of Paxil but seriously addicted to your newsletter because YOU Mark truly do know your stuff. You know OUR stuff too; the normal ups and downs no matter what the day holds… you seem to have a gift and insight into the human mind. Thank you for sharing that with all of us and especially for sharing it with me.

I know every emotion I feel is a gift that I slowly open and decide what to do with… I can wear it, show it or put it away for when I need it most. I can’t say they are all good ones but I know they are normal to have and I’m so very happy to have each and everyone again.

I’m thankful to you and all you do and say. It’s more than I could have ever expected when I first wrote to you

Very Sincerely,

Indiana, Pa.


I do like these newsletters! They’re inspirational. They’re helpful. They don’t sound like some super stiff psychological bull you might see elsewhere. I like the way they read- like a person talking to a person rather than a text book talking to a person. I enjoy reading them I trust your advice and try to use it.

Thanks for the inspiration and helping to slay my emotional dragons! I needed it!

A.R, Massachusetts


I must say that you are doing a great job. I really appreciate your work. I’ve read all your articles and they are awesome. I really like them. Keep up this good work. God is always with you. Ok then,
God Bless You,



Hi Mark:
I’m a personal coach (life, relationships, business, corporate and mentor
coaching for up and coming new coaches) and I subscribed to your newsletter
for three reasons:

1. For my own benefit and personal growth
2. For the benefit of my clients and their personal growth
3. For the benefit of the coaches I mentor, their personal growth and what
they can assist their clients with.

You have assisted me in all these points, and THANK YOU!

You are changing the world my friend
and there is complete perfection in your intention and delivery.

Thank you so much for what you do, and I’m proud to have you as a colleague
irrespective of us ever having met or spoken before.

As we say here in Australia, “You’re a legend, Mate!”



Noel Posus – Personal Coach
“Eliciting Your Greatness!”


Hi Mark.
I’ve been through tons of counciling. I’ve been on anti-depressants (for the wrong reasons),
I’ve been through a lot of grief from other people,
and a whole lot of nonsense that I was creative enough to come up with all on my own.
But the bottom line from you and your writings is simply this, I can work through most anything,

you can look at events and situations, acknowledge them for what they are, and work through the issue, with several techniques… you remind me that there other ways to deal with events and emotions then
grabbing my emotional baggage from the past and riding some crazy freight train of feelings.

Ed Mac


I am a psychotherapist and I am always looking for information to
share with my clients that they will actually read. I like the
articles because they are clear and concise and so perfectly say what
I often try to convey to my clients. Your articles are short and
quickly get to the point, making it more likely that my clients will
actually read what I give them. Thanks for doing what you do.

P.G., Orlando, Florida


Hi Mark,
I really enjoy your emails. You put forth the power of positive thinking combined with the hard knock reality of how this mixed up world is affecting alot of innocent people. I appreciate your input. Keep up the good work.



Dear Mark Myhre~
I have been reading your emailing for over a year now and find them very insightful and helpful to me. They show different ways of understanding the mind of depression. How to escape from fears and doubts about ourselves too. Your words have been true and yet not judgemental to read. THere is no fear of being told “you are an idiot and get with it and grow up”. Nothing like that have I seen. IT feels good to be able to read about depression and self help guidelines that don’t make you feel like less of a human being than the rest of the world. Depression cuts deep into the soul and I was feeling very lost and afraid. Since I have read your documents, I feel better about who I am and feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me.
Thanx Sincerely…..

Linda v.


I have what is called Borderline Personality Disorder and (the) main symptom is EMOTION. People with Borderline Personality tend to have a very difficult time with there emotions in not knowing how to control them or how to react to them or how to deal with them.

I have found the Emotional Healing guide Issue’s to be VERY helpful and have learned from every issue on how to apply what I have learned from (it) to my life and my Disorder.

With all the information I get from (you) my life becomes that much healthier and a lot less stressful.

I am very GRATEFUL to the Author of The Emotional Healing Guide becuz (it’s) making a HUGE difference in my life and for the better.




Dear Mark,
Thank you! Thankyou so very much! You have come to my rescue so many times. So often just at the right moment, almost as if you know my need.

May God Bless You in Every way. Keep up the good work. In this world which grows more wicked each day shining white knights are in great need and you are a wonderful example of a shining white knight!

With love and gratitude,

B.W. from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.



I have enjoyed reading your issues very much and they have been a shoulder for me to lean on when I have had some rough times. By reading them I have also started to learn to see the lessons that were in all these hard times by looking at them differently .

Thank you and keep doing what you are doing.



Dear Mark,
I love your articles and I look forward to receiving them. (they’ve) enlightened me and brought much needed wisdom and insight and helped me tremendously.

May God Bless You,

Edinburg, TX


Just wanted to say i think your newsletters and articles are among the best i’ve ever read for helping emotional problems and depression.

Love reading them and always look forward to the next.

Thank you so much for your time and input.


Southend, UK


I wanted you to know that your newsletters are accessible, cogent and, perhaps most importantly, helpful. You are very good at articulating emotions and explaining how deep-seated beliefs can blur perceptions and affect one’s ability to heal. I’ve had more than a few epiphanies while reading your newsletters, where I say, “A-ha. Yes. It’s so clear now.”

Your use of metaphors and personal disclosures helps to clarify your ideas and adds tangibility to concepts that might otherwise be too abstract to understand.
I feel as though I’m more conscious now of how my beliefs and manner of thinking can affect how I perceive and interpret the events in my life. I used to dwell on the negative aspects of my past, but I am now able to look back more objectively. I realize that my life is filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens. Life isn’t always great, but I now know how to experience negative emotions without allowing them to linger and overwhelm me. Thank you.

Your Friend,

Sheena from MD


Hi Mark.
I just wanted to say that I think what you are doing is a wonderful thing. There are a lot of people in this world in a lot of pain, for one reason or another and most people just think, well, it’s their problem, not mine.

But you truly try to help.

I have PTSD from severe childhood abuse and it helps me so much to get your newsletters. It helps me to know I am not alone, even though I know I’m not, it helps to have the validation. Some of your newsletters make me cry and some of them make me nod my head up and down because I can relate so much.

I just want to say thank-you from the heart. I am one of those wounded souls out here that is trying her best to heal and your newsletters help a lot.



I get that natural *high* while reading (your)
articles and the high continues afterwards…
I look forward (to) reading (your) articles so I can get
that high.
I don’t know what it is but it works



Dear Mark,
I am sure you are making a positive difference in the lives of many as you
have done so in my life.

I have been extremely successful, extremely busy with work, …

Your emails teachings have now changed my
definition of success and changed my life. I look at…
everything in the world with a different and positive perspective,

I feel TRULY HAPPY AND EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL NOW after the insight gained from your emails.

I am a different person now and I feel the whole world to me now is so different
and SO NICE.

I now do many, many more things and activities than just work.

I now feel I am LIVING MY LIFE. I also appreciate every body else for
whatever they are

I not only appreciate what you have provided but love you for every thing
you have provided as this has made a positive difference in my life and I
continue to pass your messages where ever I can for people to appreciate

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ashok Samtaney
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Dear Mark
thanks for your mail

i love your writing it has helped me a great deal dealing with my own emotions

love and best wishes



Hi Mark

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for some time and I love reading it every time I receive it. I especially enjoyed your insight in anger management, depression and anxiety.

I work at Parliament and I have shared your information with several of our Members of Parliament who are also working under a lot of pressure. It helped.

Even if we do not show it physically, we do appreciate all your love and light that you bring to our lives through your newsletter and articles.

Please keep it up

Love and Light


Hi Mark

It is my opinion that your column is really, really helpful and usually cannot wait to read them….Please carry on the good job you are doing.

There is so much insight that sometimes I feel you are talking about me…like you have lived my life. I really relate and hope that you will continue.

Thanks for everything and God bless you.


Lusaka, Zambia (Central Africa)


Dear Mark,
Your writing contains valuable insights that come from personal experience – and nothing competes with having ‘been there’ to be able to reach people where it counts.

Thankyou for sharing your wisdom

New Zealand


Hi Mark,

your articles are very positive and have made a difference in my life. Your upbeat nature and coaching are very inspirational.

Your views are a lot softer than Dr. Phil and are more comforting. Thank you for sharing.

Kristina Lukowski


-Dear Mark,
It has been such a comfort although I do not know you
personally, that there is another person that thinks
exactly like I do. It takes enormous courage to
write what you experience in such understandable
language. Congratulations!

. Thank you and for
being a constant source of inspiration!



you should go on oprah already.


Dear Mark,

I need to start by thanking you. Not only have you helped me start putting my own life back on track, but thru your encouraging words and wisdom, I have been able to help a young man with a serious drug problem. I would like to take the credit for him turning around but a lot goes to you.

You are planting seeds of hope in all who read and share your inspirations. So thank you, Mark.

I look forward to each and every article you write. I am amazed and impressed with your insight and I gladly reading your articles telling myself, “finally some one is writing about things I wanna know more about”.


C. Beebe
Spokane WA, USA


Hi, Mark-
It’s such a relief to find some plain-English, practical tips and thoughts to help us choose our own state of mental health. Emotional Times has shown its readers that feeling happy and grateful is a choice.. and a GOOD one!

Bless you for your dedication to living better .. and helping us to do so also.

Wendy French
Sacramento, CA


Dear Mark,

You seemed so honest, genuine, and eager to help others. Keep up the good work promoting emotional health.

Victoria S.


I really enjoyed reading “Learning About Emotions – What to do right now to start feeling

It pulled me right in and I continued reading and it all made sense,
by the way I save all of your articles and I go back to them and read them.
I subscribed to the postings because I suffer from stress and anxiety and to
me reading helps me. Understanding how your emotions can trigger negative
thoughts and learning how to cope and feel better is important.

I looked forward to more of your articles, keep up the good work.

Astoria, Queens.


Hello Mark,

I’ve been reading your articles for about two years now. I found out about you when I was doing a web search on Paxil, and how to get off of it. Your articles were very informative and helpful.

Since I’ve subscribed to your newsletter I’ve learned a great amount about myself, as well as others. Going through depression can only be understood by someone who’s been there – you’ve been there and that really helps you to write about it and help people overcome depression. It’s an ongoing battle.

Getting off the anti-depressants is the first step of the battle – you helped with that. Taking care of your mental health is the second step of the battle, and you have definitely helped with that.

I look forward to each and every newsletter you write. Even though I don’t know you, through your writings I feel that I do know you. maybe it’s because we’ve fought the same emotional battles and you have articulated the problems and solutions so well.

Also, you a courteous e-zine writer. There have been a number of times when I’ve sent you an e-mail asking a question of you, and you always gave a prompt reply.

Businesses that charge a high price for their product or service don’t even respond to their e-mail messages as fast (if at all) as you do.

I bought your e-book, Creating Your Own Reality, last year and worked through it and it helped me through some tough times. You’ve been a great help, source of inspiration, and I consider you a friend.

All the Best,




I can’t even begin to tell you how much your insightful emails have helped me cope. Just when I feel like there is no other person on the planet that can understand me, I see your name in inbox and a smile comes to my face.

Some of your techniques work for me, some don’t. I think it really is a matter of each individual taking your advice and practicing it when necessary. My point is, that whatever the advice, whether it works for you or me or anybody is not pertinent, it’s the fact that you are out there listening and sincerely trying to help.

I love to hear your experiences and how you have learned to take control of your life. You really are a friend who is there when I need them the most. I am trying to embrace who I am, instead of being so self-critical.



I think you do such great work and have helped me immensely … how you can do this just from your heart to help people is so gracious … I think you need more thanks than you ever get for giving of yourself like this …




Well hi Mark,
How are you? Thank you so much for making me feel as though I have a special friend who cares.

being armed with these special messages I get from you everyday has enlightened me.

these messages could save somebody’s life.

By becoming educated as to how the human mind thinks, feels, reacts, one can better understand what is happening to them

to have your own little online private psychiatrist is just what the doctor ordered.

I am looking forward to learning more about the healing process. Thank you once again.

Patrice/Newport, MI/USA


Dear Mark,
My name is Stephanie Smith. I have suffered from severe anxiety for years and have been on medications, to a therapist, etc… but reading your articles every week really help me with my problems. Alot of people have noticed a difference in me in the past year because of how i’m overcoming my anxiety, and I just wanted to say thank you, you truly are a gift from god.

Stephanie Smith
Ontario, Canada


Hi Mark,
I find your emails a refreshing break from my work and useful tools you use in my life. I will receive your emails and take them with me when I go on a break from work. I always come back in feeling more energetic and excited about getting into life.
All in all I think what you write is honest and relevant to my life.

Joanne Bradley


Hi Mark;
I have saved every article and chapter that you have sent to me in the
past year and I do re-read them…

When I am feeling that I am creeping
back down the path of fear, guilt or depression, I tend to go back to
re-read some of the articles you have written. It really helps to
change my perception of things – it is too easy to stay stuck and funnel

but I have found your information so enlightening that I
choose to go read and my perception of my situation usually changes.

Your writings remind me that I am in control. Anything that I
experience whether it be joy or sadness is manifested because of my own
perception and I am in charge of those feelings- not the other way

I have loved the stories you’ve written as well as I can certainly
relate to them.

Please continue your good work and sharing it to those who can’t always
afford to go buy all the books!


M Price
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)


Dear Mark:
When I signed up for your newsletter, it was one of the best things I have
done in life. I get emotional and usually cry each time I read an article
because I have come to realize I am not alone in the way I feel emotions.
For years I suffered an anxiety disorder and I was ashamed and didn’t know
how to deal with problems and the emotions that came up. I felt that
anxiety was a dirty word and a wrong feeling to be having, not realizing it
was a signal and warning light that something was bothering me and I was not
expressing my emotions. I kept everything bottled up for years and when I
began expressing my feelings and being honest about how I felt about certain
situations, my anxiety seemed to go away. For months I researched anxiety
and read your articles and made myself more knowledge about what was going

You have no idea how grateful I am to you Mark and how your words
inspired and helped me.

Each article you wrote was FABULOUS and helped me so very much and made me
realize many others suffer the same way. With extensive research and reading
your articles, I fight fear and anxiety now to the point where I control it
and it doesn’t control me. No one will ever be free of pain, fear, anger,
sorrow but we can learn how to deal with these emotions in a healthy way and
not pretending that they do not exist.

Thank you Mark for all your articles and God Bless you so that you may keep
up the great work.

Your friend
Josey Dedomenico
25 Fordwich Crescent
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M9W 2T3


your articles posess a healing touch. They
pierce the soul, open the heart, invoke buried
emotions and warm the spirit. Thanks for your honesty.

Coquitlam, BC Canada.


Dear Mark-
your mailings have made my life a much happier one, or at least one I can understand more. Just knowing that you addressed so many problems that I myself was going through, and addressing them with such grace and knowledge, makes my eternally grateful for coming into my life.

I wish for you all the goodness you’ve given me, the best of health, happiness and peace.
You are a rare entity-someone who takes time to help someone, and hits so many nails on the head with a hammer that I’m sure is many times very hard to hold.
God bless you and your knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warmest regards,
Grace Platt
Bethlehem, CT


I was attracted to this web site because “Emotional Healing” stood out and
at that time, I was an emotional mess. My past brought forth a jumble of
hurts and pains I could not shrug off. Sadly, I did not really have anyone
to listen to my “sad story” but I still wanted solutions to my issues.

I said to myself, what the heck, I will give it a try and see what the
Emotional Healing Guide has to say.

I will admit I found myself again and I am battling out those rough edges. I have been able to confront my fears
and monstors day-by-day with God’s help and this free informational guide.

Thank you so much Mark!

Bronx, New York


Hi Mark!
Just to say I have always valued your articles and have grown a great deal
from them! I am truly grateful for the way in which you have guided me!

Thanks once again! Have a great day!



Hi Mark,
I have no idea where I signed up for your eletter series. It was
perhaps a week before I even read the first one, by which time I’d
already received the second…

I have enjoyed them. I find them clear and insightful – and they are
just what I’ve needed right now. I am at a place in life where I feel
stuck by my own doing even though my life direction has changed for the
better and overall I’m doing well. I’ve been able to look back and see
progress when reading your letters and feel as though you’ve helped give
me a template for continuing to change, grow, and heal moving forward.

Thank you,
Julie Spero


First of all, Mark, I want to commend you for the ability to open yourself up and share your emotional journey with so many. It takes someone who is willing to be vulnerable in order to discover the truth.

I am an actress and I have been receiving your emails for about a year.

I have learned so much from you and your kind and encouraging words. I have had problems with anxiety in the past, however with techniques gained from your personal expertise, I have learned to channel those energies into something positive.

Due to my career, I have to remain very open and honest when I am working in order to create a genuine piece of work; however, in my personal life, I have to maintain a composure and professional attitude. With your advice I have been able to CONTROL my emotions and anxieties and utilize them in a positive light. I have learned to open myself up on camera, and allow those past experience to enter my heart in order for me to deliver a rich performance. However, I also know now to not let them haunt me and use them to my benefit.

I admire your generosity and compassion, and I hope to one day help others as you have. I wish you the best and again thank you!

Kind Regards,

Santa Monica,CA


ANYWAY…I will say that the thing I like the best about your writings is that you are so down-to-earth. I love the way you write, the way everything flows together.

When I read what you have written, it feels like you are just standing right there next to me, having a conversation with me.

You put a lot of feeling into your words, but at the same time, keep it light enough that it is very enjoyable to read. Kind of like a ride at the carnival – you explore many levels and depths in each piece, and the tone changes throughout…preventing any possible boredom.
I hope you have a wonderful week!




I print off your articles and keep them in a folder at my desk. I also send them to my son and daughter. Your stuff is good, sound reasonable advice that is easy to follow. It brings me back to reality and keeps me moving forward. I appreciate your thoughts and am grateful to be on your mailing list.

Reno, Nevada


Hi Mark,
You are the ONLY inspirational email newsletter I have signed up for.
That’s because you have the best one. I have copied and saved many of your
articles. I especially like the ones about knowing and channeling your
emotional wellspring, dealing with fear and how to change.

I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and there were only a few articles
that I didn’t think were A work both on the content and the way you express
yourself. Your best qualities are

1 you don’t claim to have all the answers

2 you say you’re still wrestling with problems

3 you are honest about your feelings without being whiney.

4 you focus is understanding and changing (not religion-judgmental guilt)

From reading your newsletter, I know that I can understand and change my own
reality to be what I want. This is actually working in some areas of my
life – being more active in making the changes I want instead of being
complacent or complaining.

My 4 spiritual guiding lights are:

1 Instantaneous Healing by Harry Douglas Smith

2 5 simple steps to emotional healing by Gloria Arenson (tapping)

3 therapeutic touch and pranic healing techniques that I learned in

4 Your newsletters.

(all equally important)

Best wishes,

Mary S
Torrance, California


You were very helpfull in an awkward time in my
life. You helped me understand That I was not alone and
not going crazy thank you very much.

Roger lalonde
ON Canada


Dear Mark.
It’s good to hear from you again. You cannot imagine
how much you have helped me overcome some difficulties
I’ve been dealing with for some time.

Your articles
are true, good and honest messages that go straight
from my eyes to my heart. Let me tell you WHY. I’ve
lived for over 58 years and Fear and loneliness have
been a couple of visitors in my everyday schedule.
They just don’t want to let go of me. I have a B.A. in
psychology but it doesn’t help, I am still an
alcoholic (even though I haven’t had a single drink
ever since my mother died almost eight (8) years ago.
I have been a College Professor most of my life and I
enjoy it. I’ve been through a lot of stuff, so much
that I don’t have the time to write it all down.
But listen Mark, thatnks a lot for your messages, for
your support. In my case, your job has been done.
I really need to keep hearing from you from time to
time, your helping hand.

Always your friend and admirer.
Jaime López Mancilla
C. 14.942.359 – Cali
Colombia (South America)


Hi Mark!!
I have enjoyed all the articles that I have received from you. I have been going through a very difficult time over the past 2 years and I find comfort, understanding and acknowledgement from your words. Much of your insight is like a light bulb moment for me…so the help has been awesome and very welcomed!! Thank you for you…for all you do and the time you spend to write the articles. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

My name is Lisa,
I am from Kansas City…


Hi Mark,
I read your newsletters with great interest. I have found that what you write is uplifting and appropriate to my mental health issues. I take the advice you provide to heart and try to apply it to my life whenever possible. I appreciate you taking the time to write these newsletters and send them to me. This “free advice” is most welcome.

SE Wisconsin, USA


this is Gordon Hood from Denham Springs, La. I just wanted to thank you for the support and help that your articles have given me over the last few weeks. All of them were so simple, yet they work. I hope you will be around a long time to offer advice for people like me, and me.

Thanks again.
Gordon Hood


Hi Mark,
Anyone who shares their thoughts in trying to help another is giving the greatest gift that can be given and that is Love. We are all one Spirit on this planet and your words have helped me in many ways. Hopefully this will help you to put things into their proper prospective. Thanks..


Huntersville, NC


Love your stuff because it comes from the Soul… keep on keeping on , its great stuff.



can certainly say that I have gained a lot of insight from reading the
articles of Mark’s. They have been very helpful, straight forward and
knowledgeable. It actually feels like your reading an email from a friend.
Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down.


Fort Worth, TX


Every now and then I get hit by the depression devil, maybe every ten
years or so. It lasts about ten months, then it departs. When it
comes (three times it has visited so far), I go through the same
routine most go through – books, doctors, pills, articles, mind over
matter exercises. The last time I immediately employed every tool I
had in the past plus whatever was showing up on Internet searches
that did not involve huge sums of money draining from me to someone

Mark Myhre showed up on one of the searches. Your stuff
described me, and if anything actually helped me out, yours did. It
was full of insight, and I have stuck your emails together into an
ever-increasing document that I have filed away in case the unwanted
visitor shows up again. You have a spot in my computer. The others do not.

Great Northwest


you have helped me in so many different ways, my soul was destroyed after a catalogue of events, my life in tatters and i saw your emails or rather a link to them purely through coincidence, you have given me faith, strength and courage when i have felt low, in bits and felt i couldn’t turn to anyone, you have helped me to believe in me, and learn to accept that if i cant love me how can i expect anyone else to??
thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your words



I ALWAYS enjoy your newsletter and ALWAYS get something out of it. You’re doing a great thing, helping people think and see things in a different light. It’s also nice to read something you’ve written and say, “yes! I’ve felt, thought, encountered, that exact same thing! I know what he’s talking about!” But you don’t just bring up emotional problems people can relate to, you offer solutions, and that’s a great thing. A wonderful thing, and thank you for doing it. Please keep doing what you’re doing, and know that it is appreciated.

Melissa G. Newton
Jackson, Mississippi


I have been unhappy for most of my life. Cancer made me want to change that. I realized anxiety was my issue, but until I read your newsletter, I didn’t realize what anxiety was, where it came from, or how to take control of it. I relate to your style of writing, and I certainly relate to your words. I have e-mailed things to family, since my sibs suffer also. And fear, you know fear.

Your letters give such great explanations of emotions, it’s almost like you’ve lived in my life. It has been a welcome backup to what I learn about myself in therapy. Concrete, real.

jayne c,
Raleigh, NC




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