About Me

by Mark I Myhre


Me In Portland

Me In Portland

I’m just some guy who happened to get lucky and realize a fundamental truth –

Life is an emotional experience.

Once I embraced that basic concept, my life started changing and I never looked back.  Most of the time I forget how miserable I used to be. (Although, lets face it – this house where I grew up looks pretty nice and safe!)

I won’t bore you with my pathetic little story since everybody in the world has one anyway.

Instead, let’s look at the name of this website – Emotionaire.com

I made up that word to signify what I want to create in my own life, and hopefully, yours too…

A state of emotional abundance.

(Or, emotional dominion.  You can’t have one without the other.)

Emotional abundance: Where I am in touch with all emotions, and I can feel them as fully and completely as I want.

Emotional dominion: Where I recognize my relationship with emotions, and I can feel them as fully and completely as I want.

As you see, they’re pretty similar.

I want to be an emotionaire. Filled with an abundance of emotion, and functioning out of a healthy relationship with emotion.

Oh wait, I just realized. I already am.

Okay, well then, I want you to be an emotionaire!

And mostly, I want you to get there quicker than I did.

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